iLeanAndFart Instructions

The iLeanAndFart application generates an obnoxious sound of someone passing gas. The sound is activated by tilting the phone slightly. So far, the most fun we’ve had testing, involved placing the phone in a holster attached to the waist/hip area or in a pocket. Then lean, lift your leg and pretend to pass gas. This has generated tons of laughs!

The screens below show the entire iLeanAndFart application interface. The start screen has an image that activates the application. The preferences screen has five sounds that can be individually selected, or the random switch can be selected so that random sounds will be played when the application is in use.

We have added a slider control that allows the user to adjust the amount of leaning required to activate the farting sound.  Sliding the control to the right will require the user to lean further before activating the sound.  Moving the slider to the left will allow the sound to be activated with less leaning motion.



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