Redneck Rats Support And Overview

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Redneck Rats is an old time shoot’em up arcade game.  The game has the following characters:

YOU:  Your role is Bubba.   Bubba has been given the task to wipe out the rats at the county dump.  After many attempts to lure the rats, Bubba has found that the rats love BEER.  Your job as Bubba is to wipe out as many rats as possible while protecting your beer.

RATS:  The rats are obnoxious beer drinking southern rats.  Their goal in life is to taunt Bubba and drink his beer.  The rats have drank so much beer that they toss their empty crushed cans at Bubba.

SNAKE:  The snake is a dump resident who eats rats.

Now that we’ve discussed the characters, let’s discuss your weapon:

SHOTGUN:  Powerful, but only good for close range.  Ammo is cheap.

PISTOL:  Good for medium range.  Ammo is is little more expensive.

RIFLE:  Good for long range.  Ammo is expensive.

Other objects in game:

CRUSHED CANS:  Cans can be hit with bullets and caused to ricochet.  This results in higher points when can hits a rat.  This also causes bullet to ricochet and hit other games objects resulting in higher scores.

WIND:  Watch out for the wind.  It can cause you to miss your targets.



Images from the game:

Levels Screen

Shots From Different Levels

Basic Help

How To Get Started

Level zero is a basic shooting arcade that will let the game player become familiar with the weapons and their capabilities.  This level teaches the game player how to touch the screen and shoot .  The user will receive warnings when the game player is using the wrong weapon or attempting to shoot the weapon with no ammo.


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  1. […] so much beer that they toss their empty crushed cans at Bubba. Redneck Rats Reviews: Support: MTAP Development Group Web SiteRedneck Rats Support App Name: Redneck Rats Price: 0.99 Version: 1.0 Size: 6.8 MB Language: English […]

  2. iphonegags says:

    Redneck Rats is now live on the app store

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